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A new economy is possible


Your investment will focus solely on improving the lives of the residents of Puerto Rico

The Center for a New Economy is driven by one sole obsession: to create a new economy for Puerto Rico where the vast majority, and not just a few, can thrive and enjoy lives of happiness, health, and prosperity. To that end, CNE applies evidence-based scholarship to Puerto Rico's most pressing challenges. CNE is a laboratory, a place for thought and engagement, dedicated to collaborations and to working full-time to come up with innovative strategies, crafting them into policy, and making them a reality. Because in the end, policy is about people.

For 25 years, CNE has had only one client: Puerto Rico. We have stayed true to our values of independence and empiricism and earned a lasting reputation for credibility, rigor, and impact. In an era of shallow analyses and biased research, we remain champions of deep perspective and thoughtful study.

A quarter century of work provokes reflection about the past, but also aspirations about the future. Having reached this rare and important milestone, our goal now is to make sure CNE remains in perpetual service to Puerto Rico and that the successes of the past serve as a foundation and a springboard for our work and service in the future.

I hope you will choose to join CNE's Quarter Century Campaign as we seek to make that future a reality for CNE and Puerto Rico.

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