Immediate Relief is a Long Road image

Immediate Relief is a Long Road


You can help restore, rebuild and reimagine Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Recovery Fund has worked on three strategic and interrelated areas since 2017, after the extensive devastation caused by Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico:

  1. Addressing immediate humanitarian needs
  2. Advocacy efforts in San Juan and Washington DC, to ensure maximum federal support and efficient resource coordination
  3. Medium and long-term economic development with a focus on resiliency.

In January 2020, the island experienced a 6.4 earthquake that affected the lives and infrastructure in the southwest coast of the island. Aftershocks have continued to impact the area keeping residents anxious and helpless. These disasters have battered an already struggling island hampered by a massive public debt burden and a lack of socioeconomic opportunities.

The Center for a New Economy (CNE) is collaborating in the ongoing assistance and recovery efforts by leveraging our coordination capabilities, on-the-ground knowledge, strategic support networks and policy advocacy skills. Our commitment to rebuilding and retrofitting our physical and socioeconomic infrastructure is steadfast. Right after Hurricane Maria, we embarked in supporting the ReImagina Puerto Rico project that conducted seventy-seven dialogue sessions with 748 stakeholders, identified six cross-cutting strategies and 97 actionable recommendations in the areas of Energy, Physical Infrastructure, Natural Infrastructure, Housing, Economic Development and Health, Education & Social Services. Currently, ReImagina, a CNE program, works to make sure that these recommendations –that community groups, experts, students, business people and professionals agreed upon– are implemented for the immediate and long-term benefit of all Puerto Ricans.

CNE has championed the cause of a more productive and stable Puerto Rico for over 20 years, as an independent, non-partisan think-tank with a reputable track record. CNE will continue to propose and advocate for systemic solutions in the most critical areas of Housing, Energy, and Economic Development during the reconstruction process.

Your support and help are much needed now. Join this effort. Give generously.